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Exciting news...

Me and my baby girl... who we used to call Prince George! ;-) 

Me and my baby girl... who we used to call Prince George! ;-) 

After being on the pill since I was 15 and coming off it when I was 28, my cycle never returned. I had a fertility treatment when I was 31 to conceive my baby girl. After breastfeeding for 12 months+ I waited and waited for my body to regulate and that illusive period to come… but nada. I felt like it was nearly there with lots of pains and ovulation sensations, so I went back to acupuncture + the Chinese herbs to give my body a bit of a kick. What do you know, 6 weeks later it finally it returned.

I HAD A PERIOD! I can’t tell you how excited I was! I almost threw a red party to celebrate! ;-)

But then the next month nothing…

I thought it might take a few months to regulate so thought I would hold off from sharing until I knew it was back for good… some will probably wish I’d held back from sharing at all! Ha

I started to think I must be pregnant, but 3 negative pregnancy tests taken weeks apart did not confirm what my gut was telling me. But you know you should always listen to your gut, right???

After getting a bunch of tests done to work out what was going on with me and why I was always feeling nauseous and light headed, we found out that I was indeed preggie. This was totally unplanned and unexpected. Totally natural. Totally different to my first time around.

We had the scan today and my second little bean is just perfect. What a gift we have been blessed with. What amazing confirmation that the body can heal and find balance, even after nearly 20 years of imbalance.

To all those that are currently TTC, my heart is with you on your journey, willing you towards your dream. Please keep going.

All my love,



P.S. Big fat apology and excuse time… I know Wholesome Inc. has been quiet lately. Life served me up a difficult time recently with a very sick child (so no childcare), more consulting work than I could handle and a good dose of morning sickness/exhaustion. I’m sorry this, my passion, was the thing that slipped. Sometimes we need to loosen our grip for a time and pick things back up when we’re able. I gave myself permission to float rather than try and paddle upstream. Practicing what I preach. ;-)