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I know you have been successful in most things you do. You have a great life and you’ve put yourself in a great position. But then there’s this thing that’s meant to be really natural, and yet it doesn’t come really naturally. You think you should be able to manage this too. You research the options, make a plan, then put it into action. And yet, nothing seems to be happening. So you research some more, make a new plan, and put that into action. And so it goes.

On this journey to motherhood, no-ones road is the same. No-one can give you the magic formula. All you can really do is put your best foot forward, one after the other, and let go. I often say that one of the hardest parts for me when I was trying to conceive, was to remain positive, trust in the process, believe in myself and my body’s ability to make a baby, and then surrender to the outcome.

Life is like a river. You are moving along whether you like it or not. You can either spend your time reaching and grabbing for a branch or the rivers edge or trying to swim upstream, or you can let go and float. You can trust that you will be carried where you need to go, with divine timing. Or you can work against the current or find a friggin boat to take you where you want to go faster. Either way, we will end up exactly where we are meant to be.

Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up. It is not an excuse to be lazy, uninspired or irresponsible. Surrendering gives you permission to loosen your grip; to let go of your need for control; to embrace what is; to find beauty in your current reality.

Most of us don’t have a problem with finding drive and motivation to achieve what we set out to do. But sometimes this drive can act like blinkers, blinding us from the bigger picture. Blinding us from our own importance and insignificance.

All I want to say is that you can float through life, on the ‘right’ path, choosing to change direction, or to explore something new, keeping an open mind and seeing the beauty around you, without needing to control or to know the outcome of your exploration.

I choose to float and see the beauty that surrounds me.