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Have you ever been on The Pill?

Eugénie Rutherford - Fertility Nutrition

I was pretty young when I started taking the contraceptive pill. I can remember going into the Family Planning Clinic in the city with a friend (we might have even skipped school to do it!) to be able to get the pill without my parents finding out. My goodness I must have been just shy of my 15th birthday, and I probably looked about 12!

I didn’t realise then how damaging the pill can be to the body’s hormonal balance (especially at such a tender age when things are changing so much), or how much it can deplete the body of vital micronutrients. A report from the World Health Organisation points out that the key nutrient depletion concerns are folate (B9), vitamins B2, B6, B12, C and E, as well as magnesium, selenium and zinc[1]. These are some of the most important nutrients our bodies need to make a baby.

If you want to know the best way to get pregnant, or even if you’re not looking to make babies but you’ve been on contraception, I would definitely suggest getting these micronutrient levels tested. Your GP or Naturopath should be able to order these tests for you.

It takes around 120 days for the cells in our bodies to renew. So be patient with yourself, replenish your stores and take the time to prepare your body to make a baby. Because you only get one shot at creating your child’s DNA.  



[1] WHO. World Health Organization: Vitamin and mineral requirements in Human Nutrition. WHO Library. 1998.