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I started Wholesome Inc. as a way to provide science-backed nutrition + lifestyle support to help chicks like me improve their fertility, enjoy a glowing pregnancy and to use whole foods to grow beautiful, healthy kids. Simple. 

I’m (normally) a glass half full kind of gal, and these days I like to see my struggles with fertility as a blessing. Because…

  • If I hadn’t struggled with hormone imbalances I would not have discovered the incredible impact nutrition can have on every area of your life; for better or worse. I wouldn’t have become obsessed with learning about food and health, completed my postgrad in Human Nutrition or my Certification in Health Coaching. And I wouldn’t have discovered a burning desire to simplify the latest research into every day practices we can all implement.  
  • If I hadn’t struggled to conceive I would still be climbing the corporate ladder, wearing my ‘busyness’ and stress levels like a badge of honour. I wouldn’t appreciate the importance of being gentle with myself or have learnt how to tune in to my body and trust what it is telling me.
  • If I hadn’t experienced fertility issues I would still be on the merry-go-round with food – over indulgence followed by deprivation – that so many women I speak to experience on a day to day basis. I wouldn’t know how to satisfy cravings in the most nourishing way possible without the need to do my own head in thinking about what I should/shouldn’t be doing. And I wouldn’t have developed healthy habits around nutrition and lifestyle that will benefit my family for years to come.

After 8 years of searching for answers to my fertility issues, I finally received a diagnosis that made sense. When I realised that hypothalamic amenorrhea* could take another couple of years to overcome naturally, I decided it was time to try the assisted fertility route. The first shot didn’t work because my endometrial lining was too thin (i.e. no juicy soil for planting seeds). I didn’t want to go straight to IVF as recommended, so I spent a few months changing my habits to take in more food, guarding my stress levels like a hawk, I did acupuncture and a course in Ayurvedic (Traditional Indian) Medicine. The second round of follicle stimulation worked a charm. We welcomed our first little bean into the world in 2016.

My whole experience has shown me how complimentary Western and Eastern philosophies are, and how they can work hand-in-hand to get the best outcome. This is what I hope to share through Wholesome Inc. 

Wholesome Inc. is about including healthier choices into everyday life. We use simple ingredients (that you’ve actually heard of) and we work within your current lifestyle so that you can maintain healthy habits for the long-term… because let’s face it, life is for living and sometimes chocolate is for eating and wine is for drinking. Wholesome Inc. aims to incorporate the best in Western nutrition with the fundamentals of traditional cultures, so that we can all live in true balance.

Preconception is the perfect time to focus on diet and lifestyle to give you and your baby the best start to life possible. I know that it’s nice to have peace of mind that you are covering all bases when trying for a baby, especially when you need assistance through IVF (‘cos man fertility treatments are expensive!). That’s why I’m launching a fertility nutrition program first. Head over here to find out more


*For anyone that’s interested… Hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA) HA is when the body stops producing the necessary hormones as a result of the body being under stress. The stress could be caused by over exercising, under eating (both eating disorders and not consuming enough calories to help your body thrive), undiagnosed allergies, the pill and mental stress (like work stress, emotional stress or too many party times!). The brain decides that there is a risk and now is not the best time to be procreating.